Deu dits, 2004

Music: Agustí Fernandez

Hands: Teresa Calafell
Runtime: 8’45”

Several years ago I considered making a film with ten fingers as the main characters as well as the many expressive possibilities of creating scenes and characters with only my hands. My intuitions dissipate, very quickly for the most part; some because they are illusory, other because they are trite. Some persist for several days, some for years, taking shape in my mind. The film Deu Dits was not a passing thought; it became permanent and obsessive. In time it also became a project that I had to draw, to see with my own eyes and set down on paper the succession of images that I would film. One of the first decisions was to film the sequences on a table much like a cooking class. This would allow me subvert the established camera code of television cooking shows and their peculiar way of working with the objective. Idly I imagined a certain screenplay, or more exactly, different themes, such as Adam and Eve’s Paradise in the midst of a still life of orchards and fruit or the thousands of forms that emerge when manipulating a mass of dough or cooking a delectable cake… The hands of Teresa Calafell produced the most enigmatic, expressive, tender and violent characters: a cabbage leaf became a mask on the horizon, through which two fingers punctured holes at the level of the eyes, giving the mask the primogenial view of a hostile encounter between two dinosaurs made with her fingers. In scene after scene her hands surprise us, dancing a perverse tango in one or performing a seductive strip-tease in another. The naked hand.