Foc al càntir, 2000

Screenplay: Joan Brossa
Music: Carles Santos
Runtime: 19’50”

The broad creative range of Joan Brossa (1919-1998) often makes us forget about a manifested form that holds a special place in his work: film. There are many elements in his first screenplay Foc al cantir of the poetic and iconographic Brossa constellation: insertions as lyrical and typographic parenthesis in the course of the images, irony interlaced with sentimentalism, the world of white magic and commedia dell’arte or transformism; the presence of objects linked to a poetics of the unconscious and closer to the surrealist ambience, in a game of connections that surprise us in their capacity for lyrical suggestion and that evoke a story of love and its challenges. Far from all explicit narrative or a poetic visual cloning of Brossa, my desire in making the screenplay Foc al cantir visible is consistent with the criterion of the poet that cultivates the convenience of expressing the mystery without revealing the secret. I have let myself be led by that which Brossa considered the “lucidity of the subconscious”: intuition. Likewise, I wish to be loyal, but not subservient by manifesting in filmed images the poetic enigma that the short film conceals behind its progressive sequences.