Viaje a la Luna, 1998

Screenplay: Federico García Lorca
Music: Pascal Comelade
Runtime: 19’10”

We find in Viaje a la luna a visionary state of methodically creative delirium in the scenes and characters which follow each other in apparent secrecy, but distil a profound poetical logic. To disentangle these enigmas and outline their artistic suggestion was for me a fascinating task. The only screenplay of García Lorca is a silent film that speaks for itself, a translation of poetry into moving images that eludes any kind of narrative discourse and finds its meaning in the succession and contrast of the scenes themselves, inviting the spectator to the reinvention of a mosaic of allegorical apparitions, a “theorem of the moon” in which we do not contemplate evidence, but rather anguished x-ray-like glimpses. Viaje a la luna is not a journey through the unconscious; it is the consciousness in anguished clarity, the determination to unmask a reality imposed like a monolith.