Shoji Kojima + Chicuelo + Frederic Amat | Mercat de les Flors

may 2012


Shoji Kojima,  dancer
Juan Gomez ‘Chicuelo’, guitarist
Miguel Ángel Soto ‘Londro’, singer
Hausson, ilusionist
Frederic Amat, painter


View Spanish dancer dancing to Argentina was an inspiration to Kazuo Ohno dance master Bhutto. With their eyes on them, the teacher and dancer Japanese Shoji Kojima will look at his own culture, his memory, his flamenco. We will share in a game of mirrors and reflections.

Frederic Amat has always been stimulated by this "other" world view offered by Japan and fascinated by their particular sensitivity that makes life a ceremony, a show. Understands its collaboration with Shoji Kojima and illusionist Hausson as a mosaic of improvisations, suggestions and presence, which subvert the excitement stems from the tradition in an attempt to find different expressions of flamenco. There shouldn't be an event, but an apparition.


Saturday 26th of May 2012
Sala Pina Bausch | 20h | 10€
Mercat de les Flors

Artigas. Lhome del foc

april 2012


Josep Llorens Artigas (Barcelona, 1892 – Gallifa, 1980) is one of the most important names in twentieth-century European pottery. The “Artigas. L’home del foc” (“Artigas. The Man of Fire”) exhibition gives us the opportunity to understand and realise the importance of the main contributions of Artigas. The exhibition shows over one hundred and fifty items covering his long career in chronological order, including his fruitful collaboration with artists such as Raoul Dufy and Joan Miró.

"Artigas fills Gaudi's La Pedrera  with ceramic
Frederic Amat mounted an exhibition of the man who worked 30 years with Miró"

El País, Spain

Picasso, the heart of the matter

october 2011

In my talk on the works in the exhibition Devorar París. Picasso 1900-07 I want to discuss the gestation and crystallization of a great and daring creative adventure in the early years of the twentieth century, and the impact this has had on our vision of reality and its appearances.,2138,417470534_417706709_2_1590865930,00.html?accio=detall&home=

FREDERIC AMAT ho va deixar

june 2011


Frederic Amat és un dels artistes catalans més reconeguts internacionalment i un dels més difícils de classificar per la seva amplitud d’interessos i camps de  treball. Pintura, gravats, espais escènics, murals, pel·lícules i un llarg etcètera configuren el seu univers plàstic. Va estudiar Arquitectura dos anys durant els anys setanta a l’etsab. Ens trobem a la seva casa-estudi de Barcelona per parlar sobre la seva obra i el seu interés per l’arquitectura.

Fotografia: Carles Bárcena

TATE MODERN: Joan Mir Study Day

june 2011


Art and Politics: Joan Miró Study Day
Saturday 25 June 2011, 10.30–17.00

This Study Day explores issues raised by the major exhibition of Joan Miró at Tate Modern. Starting from the surrealist context of Miró's art it moves to the broader theme of the complex relationship between art and politics. Speakers address a range of issues, from the specific contexts in which Miró worked, to the ‘radicalism’ of surrealism. Curators, academics and artists contribute to the debates. Speakers include artists Frederic Amat and Eva Bosch, art historians and curators Jon Bird, William Jeffett, Robert Lubar and Gill Perry, philosopher Nigel Warburton, and curators of the Miró exhibition Matthew Gale and Marko Daniel.
In collaboration with The Open University
Supported by the Institut Ramon Llull

Joan Miró
Aidez l'Espagne 1937
Private collection © Successió Miró / ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2011


Peridico Reforma. Ciudad de Mxico

june 2011

El lugar de la revelacin. Rafael Argullol

may 2011


Today in Patmos, although not of the Greek islands ravaged by tourism, it is difficult to stage, even with imagination, hard and lonely landscape in which St. John wrote, according to Christian tradition, the Apocalypse. Everything is too kind and too ... But do not doubt that 2,000 years ago could be a Patmos, insulated with respect to the busiest shipping lanes, the island that was suitable for the elderly plans Evangelist, and there's sweet in his youth John was "the beloved disciple "of Jesus to become ...

Mur d'Ulls

march 2011


Pluja de sang

october 2009


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