Exploration of an unknown land where the animals –snakes, frogs, fishes- are raised to the status of signs of the Enigma; diving in a world where the fruits of a tree are not pears nor apples but tongues […]; an immersion into stigmata, objects, visions: It coult be said that all Frederic Amat’s work is marked by the fact of traveling. Painting would be above all a journey to those regions where everything becomes truly visible, even the invisible. Even more: The action of painting, that to define it from its primary roots to the last stroke, would be precisely that one, revealing objects not in their immediacy, but in their mystery way of being, making us partakers of that nature, allowing, for example, to hear with the eyes (thus memorably said Quevedo) the blue bird that comes closer to the edge of the night […], to contemplate repeated offerings to the gods of vision –those offerings so abundant in the work of Amat in the 1980s- or to try to guess the content of mysterious chests […], or to explore the anatomy of things, the multiple objects of the world, that sometimes discover us the harmonious transformations ranging from a chest to a hive[…].

ANDRES SANCHEZ ROBAYNA. Frederic Amat travels to the equinox of dreams.


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