1- Fifty eyes removed with a teaspoon floating in their own juice, surrounded by a ring of dry ink
2- The head of a Medusa shakes its snakes on a background of old snow. The spasms of the beheaded are called ‘peristalsis’ and they are accompanied by a fluxon of organic humors.
3- Twelve fruits rot on a grayish liquid. The sphincter already shows the rim of necrosis.
4- Red blood-swollen tongues suck the juices each other through black tubes.
5- On the other hand, livid tongues gaze at a puddle of a muddy well chapped by the drought.
6- Still wet brains dance on an exhausted lettuce from Chernobyl. They shiver before turning into shavings.
7- Guts swim in their own blood; chopped some days ago, the cut edges were already turning black. The egg-laying of the blue bottle fly beats in their inside.


FÉLIX DE AZÚA. 'Post-terrestrial food'

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